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Arkansas Strong - How to Help

Arkansas Strong - How to Help

Following the deadly and devastating tornado that ripped through central Arkansas Sunday night, the following churches/businesses are accepting donations and recruiting volunteers to help victims:

DONATE to the Arkansas Dream Center Relief Fund: http://www.ardreamcenter.tv/give/

DONATE to the Arkansas Strong - Disaster Relief Fund through the local chapter of the American Red Cross: http://on.kthv.com/1iDi6m5

DONATE to the KSSN 96 Storm Aid Fundraiser:http://www.kssn.com/pages/stormaid.html

LINKS: THV11 forecasting, radars and more

LINKS: THV11 forecasting, radars and more

Weather links to hold onto with the possibility of severe weather headed our way: 


Fatal ice-related accident on Hwy 167

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - State police said icy roads are to blame for a fatal wreck early Wednesday night.

According to police, the person was in an accident around 5:15 tonight on highway 167 between Bald Knob and Batesville.

Police couldn't release any other information about the crash, but did confirm the accident was weather-related.

Governor declares state of emergency

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (State of Arkansas) - A winter weather system containing extremely cold temperatures and heavy snow in the northern states has resulted in Arkansas's propane supplies being shared with those affected northern states; and

The extreme weather conditions surrounding Arkansas are forecast to arrive in our State and the surrounding areas, requiring liquefied petroleum gas transporters to travel further distances to secure propane to meet the needs of consumers in Arkansas and its neighboring states, creating an emergency situation that is limiting the delivery of propane gas; and

Forecast, Closings, etc: Helpful links for severe weather

With winter weather visiting Arkansas this weekend, we want to make sure you're as ready as can be for anything that comes our way. We hope these links are helpful to you.

Be safe and stay warm!

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LATEST THV11 WEATHER FORECAST: http://on.kthv.com/1iwurd0

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: http://on.kthv.com/1g6MlkC


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Science with Sarah: Odds of a White Christmas

After Arkansans experienced the snowiest Christmas in nearly 80 years last year, you can't help but wonder if we're getting another white-out this go 'round. In this week's Science with Sarah, we're breaking down what it takes for snow in Arkansas and what the odds are of it happening again.

Cold air, moisture, and a lifting mechanism are three categories the Natural State needs for snow. Usually we end up with two out of the three components. For instance, being so close to the Gulf, we usually have moisture or, in our case, some type of cold precipitation. Cold air coming from the ground is usually what lacks in the Mississippi Valley. A mid-level south/southeast wind can surge a warm pocket of air in the sky and melt the snow into rain, producing an ice storm.

Winter Weather moves in

Check our LiveView Radar to track the winter storms as they move in to the Natural State. You can also check with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @todaysthv to stay up-to-date on winter weather.