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PRICECREW is made up of four brothers. Philip-24, Zachary-21, Jacob-15 and Caleb-14; Caleb was barely two years old at that first performance but he still knew the right way to move. The crew has been singing and dancing ever since. There is something special going on when four brothers from Arkansas can sing, dance and put on a show the way PRICECREW can.

Throughout these past few years the brothers have grown to understand it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish what their dreams hold. They have played countless venues and are always looking for ways to improve their act as well as pushing themselves to make the best music they possibly can.

Over the years they have shared the bill with pop acts such as Brooke Hogan and Aaron Carter as well as opening for Disney acts such as Raven Symone, Mitchell Musso of the "Hannah Montana" show as well as Allstar Weekend.

PRICECREW is a combination of talent and drive. They create a pure pop sound that draws on the influences of funk and dance music that is destined for top 40 radio play. They have created a very old school persona by covering bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Morris Day and the Time, The Gap Band and of course Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. From start to finish you know you are at a PRICECREW show because the energy is always sky high.

Today, the crew knows it is their time. They are ready to show the world that what they have to offer is unlike anyone out there today. They have been in the studio tirelessly working on completing tracks for their first EP, titled "Live, Love & Groove." With the completeion of "L,L,&G" the crew intend on getting their name and reputation out to the public even more. They are set to make new fans all around the world and are more than ready to acheive their goal of getting where they want to be with their music.