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Batesville adoptable dog visits Dog Whisperer | News

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Batesville adoptable dog visits Dog Whisperer

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- The lost, the abandoned, the strays all find a home at the Independence County Humane Society.

"We're a no kill shelter. We don't put them down. We just work really, really hard at finding them good homes," says Jo Spinks, President of the Humane Society's Board of Directors.

But for some dogs, like a hound mix named Scooby, finding a home takes longer than others.

We first brought you Scooby's story more than three weeks ago. Spinks says he still hasn't found a home.

"He came in the shelter two years ago. He was found in a field. He was already neutered so he was somebody's dog," says Spinks.

Spinks says she developed a special bond with Scooby but for two years, his hyperactive behavior kept him from finding a home.

"Mouthy, jumpy, just kind of wild. He wasn't being aggressive. He just has this energy and he has to do something with it," says Spinks.

So last month, Spinks and Scooby boarded a flight to California, taking part in a training camp with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

We did a pack walk every morning. We'd start out with a pack walk which was just phenominal to get to do that with Cesar," says Spinks and after only one week, Scooby came back to the shelter with a new leash on life.

"All the dogs barking and all that, it's stressful. It's stressful for the dogs but we found that he's a perfect house dog, just as calm as he can be when he's not in this environment," says Spinks.

After 2 years of sleeping on a concrete floor, Spinks hopes Scooby's new attitude will find him a softer place to sleep and a new family that loves him as much as her.

"He's just precious, just something about him. One just tugs at your heart strings I guess, makes a connection with you," says Spinks.

Spinks says she plans on using what she learned to train the other 80 dogs in the shelter.


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