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CAR to host vigil at Batesville Daily Guard June 30 | Events

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CAR to host vigil at Batesville Daily Guard June 30
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CAR to host vigil at Batesville Daily Guard June 30

From a press release sent to Today's THV Wednesday, June 29:

The Batesville Daily Guard continues to refuse to meet, review and revise their policy regarding the publication of unmarried surviving life partners in their free obituary section.

On June 11, 2011 Mr. Terence James lost his beloved partner of ten years John Christopher Millican to spinal meningitis. He was devastated to learn that the paper erased his name from the obituary. When inquiring about the omission he was told by the paper that they did not print the names of the surviving partners of unmarried couples straight or gay. They then took it further citing the Bible and the AR Marriage Amendment as additional reasons why he would not be included. He was then informed that for $85.00 he could have his name added. 

Mr. James came to our organization for help. He was sick, exhausted and brokenhearted with grief. (Mr. James himself has now been hospitalized for the past 7 days; he has been diagnosed with spinal meningitis) But he believed that this policy was unfair to ALL couples who either choose not to marry or like him, could not. CAR with the help of the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD has organized and mobilized many Arkansans and other Americans in asking the paper to apologize to Mr. James, re-print the obituary to include him and then revise the policy. In response the paper published a full page derogatory ad that depicted Mr. James as a liar and an attention seeker.

Regardless of a couple’s choice to not marry or as in the case of Terence James and John Millican who could not, no surviving life partner should be excluded in a time of such grief and loss. By citing marriage as the criteria, the paper has set a standard that same sex couples cannot meet. It is cruel and dehumanizing for this paper to set marriage as the bar and foist its moral standards on unmarried couples by demanding $85.00 to print the surviving life partner’s name.

The vigil asking the paper to change its policy will begin at 9 a.m. at the Batesville Daily Guard -  258 W. Main St., Batesville, AR.

Participants leaving from Little Rock will meet at 6:30 a.m. at 800 Scott St. The caravan will depart at 7 a.m. sharp.

For more information – Randi M. Romo  501-244-9690 / 501-258-3186  artchangesu@yahoo.com

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