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Update: Police arrest mother's boyfriend in child murder | News

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Update: Police arrest mother's boyfriend in child murder

Deputies say Holloman confessed to killing the child. He's charged with 1st degree murder. A judge set bond at $250,000.

The death was reported on Sunday. Detectives are still not releasing how the child died. Police say the child was being cared for by Holloman.

According to the detectives, Holloman showed up at the mother's work. The police report says Holloman told the mother that something happened to the child during the night and that he "had put her in the refrigerator."

The affidavit says Holloman told police he gave the child a half-bottle of Amoxicillin. According to the affidavit, Holloman told police that he killed the child and put the body in the refrigerator because her mother told him to.

Amoxicillin is used to treat various bacterial infections, such as ear nose and throat infections, as well as pneumonia.

Today's THV spoke with Det. Sgt. Mike Mundy about what led to the arrest.

He explains, "Basically the investigation itself, interviews, and statements made and then corroborated by actual physical evidence that we were able to locate. Basically everything started coming together and we were able to start putting things together. It is a situation where we do want to see justice for this child."

On Monday Mundy told THV, "The mother is pretty much how most mothers would be in this situation. It's pretty devastating. All hands are on deck in this. Every investigator is working on it."

Detectives finished processing the scene Sunday. They were at the home for about five hours. They say they took between six and 12 possible pieces of evidence to the state crime lab. However, they won't say what those items are.

As for a cause of death, police expect to know by Wednesday. Mundy says the child had no visible signs of injury to her body and she had no previous medical conditions.

Mundy says, "You want to cry. You want to holler, but you just have to say ok this is the job and let's find out what's happened."

Source: Associated Press and Today's THV