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Update: McCance tells CNN he will resign | News

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Update: McCance tells CNN he will resign

Those against and supporting the controversial anti-gay comments of Clint McCance rallied outside Midland High School Thursday.

"The gay people are over here protesting."

Those against him bearing posters asking for his resignation, those for him, holding bibles signs and waving American and Baptist flags.

"They can go around kissing and holding hands and have their rights and Christians aren't allowed to say anything anymore," says Shannon Longcoy.  

But the near 40 people standing up for gay rights Thursday, say everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a public forum is not the way to be heard.

"These kids are killing themselves," says Edie Love.  

Love says she attended Midland High School and was a cheerleader, and says she was bullied just as most gays in Pleasant Plain are.

"I believe he needs to resign, yes," she says.  

Others, like Matt Martin, saying McCance and his comments aren't the problems.

"We've got little kids here because we can actually have them and they can't. It's pretty nasty, but I think they need to get out and leave us alone. This isn't a gay town," Martin says.  

Expressing his further dislike, Martin says he'd never make peace with "those kind of people." "I'm not letting no *** hug me. I'll tell you that."

Unlike these protestors, McCance remains silent, speaking only to his attorney and the superintendent about the situation, who says this is anything but small for a small town.

"I don't think something like this will get swept under the rug, so no I'm not hoping for that," says Superintendent Dean Stanley.  

What Stanley is hoping for though is a resolution; whether it involves the district asking McCance to step down has not be denied or confirmed. 

In a Thursday night interview, McCance told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he would resign from the school board.