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Sugar Bowl means big boost for business | News

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Sugar Bowl means big boost for business

Robert Mhoon is the man behind the meat counter at Hestand's in the Heights, sharpening up for a busy day.

"We've been extremely busy, taking a lot of specialty orders, things of that nature, everybody's getting ready for the game," Mhoon said.

We caught him starting on the some chicken wings. "This is an order for some hot wings, someone's wanting to make, fifty wings," Mhoon said.

And the dozens of orders go well beyond that.

"We've been doing a lot of shrimp plates, cut some pork loin roasts, some standing prime rib roast," Mhoon said.

Plus some Razorback Dip on the side.

"It's just basically a cheese dip, people use for, you know, a dip to watch the ball games with," Mhoon said.

There was plenty of cheese and toppings at Razorback Pizza game night.

"It ought to be one of the biggest nights of our year, we're expecting a full house," David Cole said.

Operations Director David Cole says by noon Tuesday, half the tables were already reserved. And come half-time, Cole expects to be "rolling in the dough" with carry out business.

"We will probably have anywhere from 100 to 175 pizzas being picked up by people," Cole said.  

It's a rush they're prepared for.

"We have enough cheese to handle what we generally would be doing for a whole week," Cole said.

Back with Mhoon at Hestands, they "prepped well" too.

"We get ready for it because we know it's coming," Mhoon said.

And despite the long day, he'll make it home just in time for kick off.

"I get off at 7 so 7:30 I'll be in front of the TV," Mhoon said.

Mhoon says Tuesday's orders ranged from $60 to upwards of $200; so this should all be a big help to the bottom line.