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Midland School board member accused of gay bashing | News

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Midland School board member accused of gay bashing

Anti-gay comments coming from the school board member's Facebook page.

"Encouraging gays to kill themselves saying it (blanks) me off that we make a special purple blank day for them."  

The postings come on the heels of Spirit Day, a nationally celebrated event, calling for Americans to wear purple to call attention to the deaths of six teenagers who committed suicide after reportedly being taunted because they were gay.

The posts contain many words too innappropriate for TV.
One says:

"They want me to wear purple because five (blank) committed suicide. The only way I'm wearing it for them is if they all commit suicide."

"These are very very harsh words, especially in an environment where there's been so many suicides related to LGBT bullying. I think people are just flaborgasted," says Neal Broverman of Advocate Magazine, the oldest gay right's magazine in the nation.

"He did a complete 180, instead of discouraging bullying he didn't just remain silent, he went the other end of the spectrum and said gay kids should be bullied," says Broverman.

One mother whose child attends school in the district says she's appauled at the comments, and couldn't imagine what this is doing to those in the gay community.

"Mortified, absolutely mortified. That type of opinion that he shared is not something that I would want to instill in my children."

The school district released a statement saying:

"The Midland School District does not support or condone the comments Mr. Clint McCance posted on his personal social networking page."

However, they never addressed if McCance will or will not continue to to hold his school board position.